Sebastian van Mook DipFA CeMAP
Independant Financial Adviser
17 Saint Anne's Road

01743 356661

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Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No.230342 Registered in England 4961992


When reviewing your existing investments or considering a new one, the starting point should always be - what are you trying to achieve?

Is it capital growth, income or both? The next thing to consider is how much you can afford to invest and for what length of time.

Our advisers will then help you consider the amount of risk you may be willing to take by completing a risk profiling exercise with you and then discussing the results and implications of your chosen risk strategy.

We then recommend that you invest your monies in an asset class based portfolio which is designed to suit your risk levels and investment time frame. This portfolio will be typically made up of a mixture of cash, fixed interest, bonds, equities and property in order to spread your investment risk and diversify your portfolio.

Our advisers will then research the funds to match the mix of assets required. Once you have agreed your investment portfolio we recommend that you discuss a service and review package with your adviser as an ongoing review of your portfolio will be equally as important as the original design.

Overtime if the portfolio is not reviewed it will become unbalanced because different asset classes grow at different rates and this may make your portfolio no longer suitable for your needs.

There are also many different products that you can invest in and these will carry varying tax advantages. Our advisers are fully qualified and able to recommend the most tax efficient product for your circumstances.

It is important that you discuss and agree a suitable investment strategy and follow up service program with us in order to achieve and monitor your objectives.