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In order to quickly establish whether probate is required in your situation you can call us and talk directly to one of our administrators who can advise you, without charge, how to proceed.

What is Probate?

If there is a will

It is necessary to obtain a legal document (called a Grant of Probate) that allows an executor to distribute assets as detailed in a person's will.

If there is no will

It is necessary to obtain a legal document (called Letters of Administration) that allows the next of kin to distribute assets in accordance with the Laws of Intestacy.

We speak to many people who are very confused about probate. Dealing with legal and financial paperwork during such an emotional time can be very daunting. Even in the simplest estates there is a surprisingly large amount of correspondence with various institutions such as the Inland Revenue, the Department for Work and Pensions and The Principal Probate Registry Office to name just a few.

The best advice anyone can be given is to do nothing until the situation has been fully assessed; one or two days delay will make little difference in the general scheme of things. If you are acting as an executor in a will then you are personally liable for any debts, so professional advice is essential.

How can we help

We can help you assess the situation at your convenience and at no initial cost to you or the estate. In essence, Abacus dovetails the legal and financial aspects of probate in an ethical, professional and sensitive way. We offer a friendly service with good, down to earth advice that you will understand.

Contact us now - don't let the Chancellor become a beneficiary of your estate.