Sebastian van Mook DipFA CeMAP
Independant Financial Adviser
17 Saint Anne's Road

01743 356661

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Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No.230342 Registered in England 4961992

Customer Testimonials

‘Sebastian van Mook is currently the number one IFA in Shrewsbury on reviews website! To see the listings for yourself, take a look at VouchedFor's list of IFA's in Shrewsbury.

When you search for an IFA on VouchedFor, the results are based on the number of quality reviews that each IFA has in that area. Sebastian's place a the top of the rankings for Shrewsbury is testament to his quality as an IFA and the relationships he has with his clients.

So if you're looking for a pension, investments or other help, be reassured that Sebastian is the number one IFA in Shrewsbury!’ The VouchedFor Team

 ‘Seb was fantastic.. He dealt with some very complicated issues and made the whole process so simple. He has been really easy to work with and has always reviewed our situation. Sometimes its the small things that count. He also helped us set up our laptop. Maybe a future in I.T? We would recommend him to anyone who requires financial guidance.’

‘Seb is very easy to talk to, and always responds to enquiries with an informed reply. Seb is ready to answer any query, and always responds with patience and diligence. He has a wonderful caring nature, and is quite happy to wait patiently while I make my own decision based on his advice, he never pushes for a response.’  Tim Smith

‘The range of services offered is very useful - many areas of our finances can be looked after. Sebastian explained things very clearly and we felt we could trust what he what saying. He is organized and prompt in dealing with enquiries.’  J D

‘Seb was a life saver...Michael is one year from retirement and had 7 pensions which created so much paperwork. Seb sorted it all out with minimum fuss to us. He kept things so we could understand them and worked hard sorting us out. We now have an every day account, a bills account and a basic savings account we can access on-line. he went the extra mile and taught us how to use our new lap top. He also arranged new life cover that is appropriate for what we needed and set up a small investment for our savings. We are very pleased with what he did for us and would recommend him to everyone. The best advice I could give would be to meet with Seb and see for yourself.’ P H

‘Seb has a very professional approach to his business,he has kept me well informed on all financial matters concerning me. I would recommend his financial services.’  J T

‘Seb is very down to earth. He took time to understand what it was that I was looking for. Seb kept the jargon to a minimum and presented everything in a way I could understand. He went the extra mile and talked though his proposals with my son in Australia via Skype. I completely understand what I have and how it works. Seb was worth every penny and more. We talk frequently and he always answers my questions in a way I understand. I would recommend Seb to anyone, particularly if you are on your own like me. I trust him implicitly.’ L A

‘Sebastian is very clear and precise in his planning and advice in every single detail. He is not at all "pushy" in any area or towards any particular area of investing. He considers individual needs and requirements in all his thought process and would recommend for anyone to use if they require assistance in whatever financial area they need. He answers all queries or concerns in a language that a non financial individual would understand-and has developed a more detailed and beneficial financial programme for myself and my family.’ J K

VouchedFor rating and reviews for Sebastian van Mook, IFA SHREWSBURY